Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Domain Registration woes

I finally got the .com version of my domain name. It was purchased automatically by an auction house at the end of it's previous domain registration and I got the "bargain" price of $69. For someone accustomed to purchasing domains from GoDaddy for $12, this was a bit steep. On the other hand, premium domains go for as much as $2K and above, so in that sense, it wasn't too bad.

Once I had the new domain, it would be an easy thing to forward the new address to my site.... not so with all domain registration sites apparently. I guess I'm just used to ease and no-cost solutions. I guess it's too difficult to point the domain away from the ad-filled generic sites from these large DNS houses.  Once I got over my frustration, I figured I'd go over to the old-standard GoDaddy and transfer the domain. They were running a special where the domain transfer plus an additional year of registration was a measly $8 - a no-brainer in my mind.

So.... look for www.camerongraphix.com soon on the web.  It will forward to the already existing .net site, but having that additional URL will help drive traffic to the site and people are really accustomed to .com in any case.