Thursday, February 2, 2012

Latest projects at Cameron Graphix

My two latest projects at Cameron Graphix have been very successful and I'm proud to introduce the new sites to you all. The older of the two, which still has some work to be done on it is - this site was a full web site with menu - they previously had a simple one-page site with a downloadable menu. They also had a place to enter your e-mail address for a future mailing, but there wasn't any capture device on the back end, so all of the addresses were disappearing instead of forming into a usable database.  The color scheme is based on their new interior design in their restaurants, their new logo and the new menus I designed for them.

My second project is and is nearly complete. I did a full website, marketing materials, logo and forms package for them and am still working on small changes nearly daily. Much of the work has been done over the phone with the client and I would work then upload the changes... he would then hit refresh in the browser. The process worked very well for me and for him as well. Exceptional Health Care is a new type of medical practice (in Oregon) and is the first in the State to be Certified by the State of Oregon as a Retainer Medical Practice. They focus on the customer / patient and for a small retainer fee, you have access to a medical Doctor whenever you need him, regardless of your insurer or whether you have insurance at all.  It's a really great concept and if you have insurance or a Doctor you're unsatisfied with, you may want to give them a call: 541-746-7073. They're on Coburg Rd. in Eugene.

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